Female Genital Mutilation Can Be Overcome! Female Genital Mutilation Can Be Overcome!

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Within the framework of
our project an interesting
report about our work
appeared on ARD’s
Weltspiegel on
February 5, 2006.
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“As Friends to Kenya”
Black & White together
– a contribution to
sustainable development.
This project makes it
possible for women to
share everyday life and
culture with Kenyan
families via a
sixteen-day trip.


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press releases from our project - selection

Frankfurter Rundschau


Fulda Professor Combats Genital Mutilation in Kenya
Project achieves amazing success by educating and training
multipliers and avoiding a parernalistic approach / Focus on the
needs of affected

PDF-file, 587kb


Clitoris Enthusiasts
A little town in Kenya is leading the way in the battle against the
circumcision of young girls. In Mosocho, even the men who are
pushing the campaign ahead

PDF-File, 351kb

Fuldaer Zeitung


Success for the Project of the University of Applied Sciences,
Fulda in Kenya
Many circumcisors renounce their practice / ARD-Weltspiegel report
on Sunday

PDF-File, 351kb


Celebration for Pioneers of a new Era
200 examinations through the Fulda Kenya-project / charity needs
new money

PDF-File, 228kb



Certificates instead of Mutilation
Fuldaer Professor Fights to Change Consciousness / First
Sucesses for Girls in Kenya

PDF-File, 229kb


A terrible practice
Center for PROFS of Fulda University of Applied Sciences at
conference against genital mutilation in Nairobi

PDF-File, 30kb


End of a bloody ritual
Fulda project in Kenya has already been able to protect more
than 1,000 girls from genital mutilation

PDF-File, 511kb



Hessische Allgemeine


"A courageous decision"
The Fulda Project in Kenya is saving girls from this painful practice.

PDF-File, 235kb



„Dr. Muthgard“ and her convincing project against female
genital mutilation

PDF-File, 140kb

Allgemeiner Anzeiger für Südniedersachsen – Blick


Göttingen Women gets involved: Changing a Bloody Tradition
Hand in Hand
Professor saves 4,000 girls from genital mutilation

PDF-File, 235kb



German Website: www.weibliche-genitalverstuemmelung-ueberwinden.com

Mrs Prof. Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe
Celebrations 2004:
Prof. Dr. Muthgard
Hinkelmann- Toewe,
project initiator, in
conversation with
saved Kisii girls.

Visit from
MdEP Alexander Alvaro

MdEP Alvaro besucht das Projekt in Kenia

Link to the report

The Fulda-Mosocho-Project
is nominated for
the Sakharov-Prize 2006

The Sakharov-Prize

Read here

Celebrations 2005: certificates are presented to saved girls

In just four years over
4,000 girls have been
protected from
female genital circumcision.


Contact: Prof. Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe | Fulda-Mosocho-Projekt | Phone: +49661-65062
LebKom e. V. - Scharnhorststraße 11 - 36037 Fulda - Germany - Phone: +49661-64125 - Fax: +49661-6790091
Email : |

www.weibliche-genitalverstuemmelung-ueberwinden.com | www.fulda-mosocho-project.com