Female Genital Mutilation Can Be Overcome! Female Genital Mutilation Can Be Overcome!

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Within the framework of
our project an interesting
report about our work
appeared on ARD’s
Weltspiegel on
February 5, 2006.
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“As Friends to Kenya”
Black & White together
– a contribution to
sustainable development.
This project makes it
possible for women to
share everyday life and
culture with Kenyan
families via a
sixteen-day trip.


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Commission on the Status on Women (CSW) of the United
Nations Fifty-first Session, 26.February – 9 March 2007, New York


International honour of German Projecttsches Projekt

Commission on the Status on Women (CSW) of the United Nations
Fifty-first Session, 26 February – 9 March 2007, New York

At its 51st session, the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) devoted its attention to the topic of "All Forms of Violence Against Women", focusing especially on the serious effects of the many varied forms of violence against the girlchild. With the "High-level panel on ‘Protecting Girls from Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting'," the commission has paid particular attention this time to the form of violence which female children are most frequently subjected to (approx. 5.5 million cases each year!), and which is regarded as one of the most cruel violations of human rights creating unimaginable suffering. Prof. Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe, Director of the Center for PROFS, was invited to join this panel at the request of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, to inform delegates of the approach which is making the Fulda-Mosocho-Project so successful in this field.

In addition, the delegates have been dealing with basic topics such as the "Evaluation of progress in the implementation of the agreed conclusions on the role of men and boys in achieving gender equality" and "Emerging issues, trends and new approaches to issues affecting the situation of women or equality between women and men." In these debates, too, the Center's representative (PROFS has been accredited at the United Nations for 10 years) was able to make contributions by giving insights into the practicability and effectiveness of the innovative approaches developed by the Center.

The "In-depth study on all forms of violence against women – Report of the Secretary-General" – which proves to be helpful in making progress and meanwhile has been published as a book – was presented to the delegatesas a working document, (Doc No: A / 61 / 122 / Add. 1–www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/vaw/index.htm),.

For the Center for PROFS
U. Maschke
(Executive Director)

Women’s Power in Africa

From appreciating women's value to creation of value
The economic implications of the Value-Centered Approach

Prof. Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe

Finding and formulating realistic and honest perspectives – whether for or together with Africans – that can bring the people what they promise – requires close, trusting dialogue with our African brothers and sisters on the one hand, and a sound knowledge of structures on the other. Global insights and views concerning structures, as formulated and propagated by the global community, normally by the United Nations, are of central significance.

"The Secretary- General's study" which was presented to the delegates at the UN conference, describes the inter-gender structures characterizing our world at present thus:

"Violence against women has far-reaching consequences for women, their children and society as a whole. Violence against women impoverishes women, their families, communities and nations. It lowers economic production, drains resources from public services and employers and reduces human capital formation."

Read the complete article from the PDF-File:

Release Woman´s Power for afrika


International honour of German Project

Center for PROFS

Since 1988 the Eurooean Parliament has annuallv awarded the Sakharov Prize for Special achievements related to freedom rights of thoughts and the defence of human rights. For the first time in its history, a German scientist. Prof. Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe form Göttingen, has been nominated, with one of her projects, the German-Kenvan Fulda-Mosocho Project.

Since 2002 the project has been sucessfully working in Kenya to overcome Mulitaion (FGM). With a reduction of more than one third in the circumcision rate, the Fulda-Mosocho Project is one of the most successfull projects against FGM worldwide.

EU parliamentarian Alexander Alvaro is convinced that the project has achieved somethink unique, sustainable and witch can be applied to ather regions; he has successfully proposed the Fulda-Mosocho Project for nomination for the Sakharov Prize.

Wis this act. European parliamentarians have set an imprortant political example in a domain where in Africa alone three million violations of human rights take place every year in the form of mutilaion of the femal body.

Read the complete article from the PDF-File:

Release Sacharow-Proze-2006


German Website: www.weibliche-genitalverstuemmelung-ueberwinden.com

Mrs Prof. Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe
Celebrations 2004:
Prof. Dr. Muthgard
Hinkelmann- Toewe,
project initiator, in
conversation with
saved Kisii girls.

Visit from
MdEP Alexander Alvaro

MdEP Alvaro besucht das Projekt in Kenia

Link to the report

The Fulda-Mosocho-Project
is nominated for
the Sakharov-Prize 2006

The Sakharov-Prize

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Celebrations 2005: certificates are presented to saved girls

In just four years over
4,000 girls have been
protected from
female genital circumcision.


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