Female Genital Mutilation Can Be Overcome! Female Genital Mutilation Can Be Overcome!

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Within the framework of
our project an interesting
report about our work
appeared on ARD’s
Weltspiegel on
February 5, 2006.
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“As Friends to Kenya”
Black & White together
– a contribution to
sustainable development.
This project makes it
possible for women to
share everyday life and
culture with Kenyan
families via a
sixteen-day trip.


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Welcome to the website of the Fulda-Mosocho Project, one of the most successful projects fighting female genital mutilation in the world.


In the extreme west of Kenya, where there is neither electricity nor running water, Göttingen professor Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe works hand in hand with the local population to develop new paths in development work. Resulting from this is the Fulda-Mosocho Project, which started in 2001, and which cooperates in partnership with people from the Kisii, an ethnie known for being particularly persistent in its adherence to the cruel ritual of female genital cicumcision. At the outset of the project, genital mutilation is the norm for nearly every girl (97%). The project´s core part: a three-year further educational program that follows the Value-Centered Approach.

210 school principals and teachers (male & female) participate. Those taking part in the program learn to apply what is being taught to their own lives. The result: after just a few weeks, participants are deciding against mutilating their own daughters. They pass their insights on within their schools – to schoolchildren, colleagues and parents. A movement is born.
Even at village meetings (barazas) and among clan elders what has been learned gets around. Twenty-one mayors (Chiefs) of the region, 100 female executive members of women’s groups, and 225 clan elders ask for seminars specifically for them and are likewise schooled. In this climate of awakening hundreds of families dare to take the decision in favor of keeping their daughters uncircumcised.

Then, in December of 2004, a milestone: beneath raised Kenyan flag over 2,000 saved girls – all dressed in yellow T-shirts –by high-ranking politicians are presented certificates with their individual name in which they are declared full members of the Kisii community. More than 10,000 people are present. The locals call these Celebrations, held in all seven locations of Mosocho Division, “A New Growth in our Kisii Culture.”

In 2005, further milestones: diplomas are given to 200 graduates of the innovative further educational program in a festive ceremony. They are celebrated by their communities as pioneers of a new era. Then, in December, the second round of the great events, the Celebrations with another 2,000 saved girls. During the same festivities forty-seven former circumcisors (in) of the region take an oath, which they have specifically formulated themselves (swearing) to no longer perform their former profession.

The original Video of the ARD-Weltspiegel, translated in english

Please, support our work.

With your donation more girls from this ethnic community can be protected from female genital mutilation.

Bank details:
Account holder: Lebendige Kommunikation e. V. / Vivid Communication
Sparkasse Fulda | Account number: 43510203 | Bank code number: 53050180

For donations up to 100 Euro a bank statement is valid confirmation of your contribution for presentation to the tax authorities. For amounts exceeding 100 Euro a charitable donation receipt will be sent to you.

Please, note: this website is currently under construction. For this reason only the homepage and press area are available at the present time. If you have questions regarding our development work, please contact us. All pictures and texts on this website are copyrighted. Publication is only with permission from the Center for PROFS / LebKom e.V.

German Website: www.weibliche-genitalverstuemmelung-ueberwinden.com

Mrs Prof. Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe
Celebrations 2004:
Prof. Dr. Muthgard
Hinkelmann- Toewe,
project initiator, in
conversation with
saved Kisii girls.

Visit from
MdEP Alexander Alvaro

MdEP Alvaro besucht das Projekt in Kenia

Link to the report

The Fulda-Mosocho-Project
is nominated for
the Sakharov-Prize 2006

The Sakharov-Prize

Read here

Celebrations 2005: certificates are presented to saved girls

In just four years over
4,000 girls have been
protected from
female genital circumcision.


Contact: Prof. Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe | Fulda-Mosocho-Projekt | Phone: +49661-65062
LebKom e. V. - Scharnhorststraße 11 - 36037 Fulda - Germany - Phone: +49661-64125 - Fax: +49661-6790091
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